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Speargun Cressi Moicano / Mohicano Camoflage - 95
Kode : 23124.
Deskripsi :

The Cressi Moicano Brown Hunter Speargun is the result of continuous fine-tuning and the search for perfection. Special, camouflage color anti-corrosion aluminum tubes eliminate any bending of the barrel, even on the long models and provides stealth while on the hunt. Extremely modern, new generation thermoplastics guarantee very light and non-deformable point and handgrip, for incredible firing precision. The highly compact, hydrodynamic point makes it possible to lower the positioning of the bands, in order to optimize the forward thrust and guarantee perfect visibility and rapid and precise aiming at the same time.

Speargun is equipped with a very gentle shaft release system, ring for the line, sternal support for reloading, dovetail triggering for the reel, the possibility of choosing from a number of different model bands, are just some of its fantastic features. The standard bands are black, highly reactive and quick, with a diameter of 16 mm and articulated wishbone. The Cressi Moicano Brown Hunter Speargun has a 26 mm (1.0") diameter barrel and comes equipped with a 6mm (.25") 17.4 PH stainless steel notched shaft with single flopper barb inox pointed tip. Shaft rail guide for added accuracy. This spear gun is available in four lengths of 60cm (23.6"), 75cm (29.5"), 85cm (33.5") and 95cm (37.4") depending on your hunting needs. Speargun comes with an owner's manual.

Cressi Moicano Brown Hunter Speargun Features

  • Cressi Moicano Brown Hunter Speargun
  • Result of Continuous Fine-Tuning and Search for Perfection
  • Special, Camouflage Color Anti-Corrosion Aluminum Barrel
  • Camouflage Color Adds Stealth to Hunting
  • 26 mm (1.0") Diameter Barrel Design Eliminate Bending of Barrel
  • Extremely Modern, New Generation Thermoplastics, Light Non-Deformable Point & Handgrip
  • Incredible Firing Precision
  • Highly Compact, Hydrodynamic Point
  • Low Band Position Optimize Forward Thrust, Guarantee Perfect Visibility
  • Rapid and Precise Aiming
  • Gentle Shaft Release System
  • Ring for Line, Sternal Support for Reloading
  • Dovetail Triggering for Reel
  • 16 mm Diameter Band w/Articulated Wishbone
  • 6mm (.25") 17.4 PH Stainless Steel Notched Shaft
  • Single Flopper Barb Inox Pointed Tip
  • Shaft Rail Guide for Added Accuracy
  • Available in 4-Lengths: 60cm (23.6"), 75cm (29.5"), 85cm (33.5") and 95cm (37.4")
  • Owner's Manual
Rp 3.960.000,-
Rp 2.699.000,-

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