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Compressor Cool-Air IIIc - Bensin (100 l/min)
Kode : 7107
Deskripsi :
karena kerusakan / kesalahan pabrik
(Syarat & Ketentuan berlaku sesuai Aturan) 

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Brand Cool-Air IIIc Model Coltrisub MCH6/SH
-Compressed medium air working principle piston compressor
-Lubrication mode oil lubrication air compressor power 4KW
-Dimensions (length * width * height) 810 * 330 * 380mm type mobile compressor
-Performance explosion-proof, low noise, noise 87dB
-MCH6/SH Breathing Air Compressor, Fire Fighting, Submersible Air Respirator Filling Pump
-MCH6/EM/ET/SH is currently a reliable, compact and portable filling pump. Ideal for areas with high space and weight ments (such as diving, yachts, fire trucks), economical operating costs, easy maintenance, and maintenance, MCH6/EM/ET/SH will provide you with years of high quality air. .
-Standard scope of supply
-Durable spray all steel base with handle
-Reliable motor supply
-Oil water separator (manual sewage)
-Activated carbon, molecular sieve, carbon monoxide absorbing molecules constitute a triple breathing air purification system
-Reusable cartridges for easy and convenient exchange
-Final safety valve
-Intake filter
-Shockproof pressure gauge 0~5800psi/400bar
-Operating Manual Spare Parts Manual
-Filling valve
-12 oz MCH Specialty Synthetic Lubricant
-One year quality assurance
Construction: Air-cooled, four-stage, four-cylinder, all stainless steel intermediate and final cooler
Lubrication: Splash lubrication
-At the scene of the fire, toxic gases are diffuse, there is insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere, and there is no air (such as underwater), we need a clean and continuous supply of breathing air to provide a continuous supply of gas.
-For fire fighters on the front line of firefighting and underwater rescue, ** police officers and other special articles, people working under dangerous conditions, they risked to provide harmony protection for the society, they should get quality Cool-Air IIIc high pressure breathing air compressor for their Safety guarantee, each Cool-Air IIIc MCH6/SH compressor has very high safety and efficiency, and the pure air provided meets and exceeds the strict European standard EN12021.
-Model MCH6/SH
-Type fire diving breathing gas
-Free air output at rated pressure (L/min) 100
-Drive power (kW) 3.6
-Driving method Subaru gasoline engine
-Length (mm) 810
-Width (mm) 330
-Height (mm) 380
-Weight (Kg) 44
-Cooling system
-At rated working pressure: 225/330 Bar g,
-Exhaust volume = 100L/min
-Drive motor power (KW): 4
-Filling the cylinder time: 6.8L cylinder: 20 minutes
87 dB of working noise is in accordance with ISO3746 standard
-Other standards: DIN3188 EN12021 CGA E
-Gasoline engine driven, air cooled, four-stage, four-cylinder, all stainless steel intermediate and final cooler
-Lubrication: Splash lubrication
Rp 35.500.000,-
Rp 34.500.000,-

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